Sven List headshot, EDC
Sven List Senior Vice-President, Corporate and International Group Export Development Canada Sven List

Sven List was appointed Senior Vice-President, Corporate and International in April 2022.  He is accountable for the relationship management and loan underwriting functions for EDC’s corporate customer segment as well as EDC’s international strategy and operations. 

A critical challenge confronting EDC is the goal of diversifying Canadian exports.  This goal is central to Sven’s role, working closely with Canada’s corporate enterprise community to create new connections and trade opportunities for more Canadian Exporters. As well, he represents EDC’s brand across international markets as he and his group develop and manage EDC’s international relationships, partners, and stakeholders, while also managing and driving sustainable growth for EDC’s financing services.   

Since joining EDC in 2000, Sven worked in progressively more senior roles in the Structured Project Finance (SPF) team before being promoted to VP and Head of Structured and Project Finance in 2014 and then VP and Head of Corporate Lending International.  He was appointed to EDC’s Executive Management Team as Senior Vice-President, Trade Connections in May 2019. Prior to joining EDC, he held positions of increasing responsibility within the corporate banking unit of a foreign bank’s operations in Mexico. 

Sven holds a Master’s in Business Administration from McGill University, a BBA degree in finance and a BA in economics (honors) from The University of Texas at Austin.

Date modified: 2023-12-04