In Canadian cleantech: Powering progress, EDC senior economist Prerna Sharma offers must-read insights on Canada’s environmental and cleantech (ECT) sector, the top players at home and abroad, and Government of Canada’s ECT initiatives. You’ll also discover global trends and cleantech investment patterns.

Despite numerous challenges, including inadequate levels of private sector R&D spending, geopolitics and turbulent energy markets, Canada has a strong and vibrant ECT ecosystem, with the sector contributing C$73 billion to Canadian gross domestic product (GDP) in 2021.

Export Development Canada (EDC) has been executing on our cleantech strategy for more than 12 years and through that experience has become one of the leading financiers and thought leaders in the sector. In the past decade, we’ve provided more than $28 billion in support to more than 400 Canadian companies, enabling them to develop innovative and viable technologies to fight climate change and make their impact on the world.

Read this EDC Economics report on the challenges and areas of growth for Canadian exporters in this key market.

Interested in Canadian cleantech: Powering progress?

EDC’s senior economist Prerna Sharma takes a thorough look at Canada’s environmental and cleantech sector, offering insights into key areas of growth—and challenges—for Canadian exporters.

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Date modified: 2023-10-19