As Canada’s largest trading partner, the biggest economy and the richest market in the world, the United States truly is a land of opportunity for Canadian businesses. With a long history of free trade between our two countries, it’s also one of the most accessible markets for companies of any size.

Doing Business in the United States is your guide to exporting to the U.S., so you can build your market entry strategy and boost your business south of the border.

Discover what the American market has to offer

Set up your strategy

Choose a market entry strategy that will lead your business to success.

Find your place in the market

Learn which states hold the most opportunity for your product or service.

Learn the rules of origin

Stay updated on rules of origin and other trade compliance laws.


  1. The U.S. market
  2. Regional markets of the United States
  3. Your market entry
  4. Trade compliance
  5. Logistics
  6. Finding help and information