What is the Export Guarantee Program?

Our Export Guarantee Program (EGP) is a working capital solution that provides guarantees of up to US $25 million to your financial institution so they can extend your line of credit, provide term loans or margin international assets or inventory.

Take on more international business with the Export Guarantee Program

Our EGP shares the risk and security with your FI by providing them with a guarantee.

  • It encourages your FI to increase your access to needed financing.
  • To qualify for the EGP, your FI must be willing to establish a loan agreement with your company.

The value of the guarantee can vary depending on the type and size of the loan:

  • The maximum guaranteed percentage depends on the type of assets being financed and the size of the facility.
  • Your total EGP coverage (under one or multiple EGP guarantees) is capped at US $25 million exposure.
  • Fees are determined based on your credit rating, duration of coverage and the amount of financing needed.

EDC wants to ensure the Export Guarantee Program is the best option for your business. We look at the amount of international sales you have produced over time and your financial institution’s lending agreement, as well as other factors.


Questions about our financial solutions?

Talk to your financial institution to find out if the EDC Export Guarantee Program is a good fit for your financing needs.

Or, if you have an EDC relationship manager, reach out to have a conversation about how we can help increase your access to working capital.

FI account managers: Need support from EDC? Reach out to 1-800-229-0575 and we’ll help direct your inquiry.

EDC Trade Advisor
EDC Trade Advisor
Date modified: 2023-07-17