Investigate other companies before getting into business with them

Knowing who you can trust is just as essential in business as in your day-to-day. EDC Company InSight's massive database of over 100,000 international businesses has the reliable data you need to assess potential risks before entering a professional relationship.



Business woman researching a potential international business partner

Get the facts

Find hard firmographic data you can trust—industry, geography, annual revenue and more.

Three professionals making plans

Plan your next move

Learn what you'll need to do next for due diligence and to do right by your business.

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Find any business

If you're having trouble finding a particular company, we'll find it for you.


See the difference the right intelligence can make



Hundreds of Canadian businesses rely on EDC Company InSight’s mastered trade data to shape and guide their international business decisions.

Due diligence starts here

Due diligence starts here                   

Get the low down on potential clients, partners, suppliers and distributors to find out everything you need to know—and stop potential problems before they start.

Find trusted company information

Find trusted company information

Stop relying on word of mouth by accessing the same resources we use here at EDC when we’re evaluating new prospects.

Research with confidence

Research with confidence                 

Our step by step guide to due diligence will walk you through the steps we follow ourselves to validate companies anywhere in the world.



Audrey Ross, CITP

EDC Company InSight is a tremendous concept, especially for smaller companies that may not have the resources that Orchard does to vet their suppliers, service providers or buyers.

Audrey Ross, CITP  —  Logistics & Customs Specialist Orchard Custom Beauty