Aisha Yang headshot, EDC
Aisha Yang Co-founder and CEO HerbaLand Naturals Aisha Yang

Aisha Yang's entrepreneurial journey from her kitchen table to establishing Herbaland Naturals as a global leader in the nutraceutical sector is a compelling narrative of ambition and resilience. After migrating from Taipei, Taiwan, to Canada in 2001, she started Herbaland following the birth of her third child. Her background in sales and marketing in the aviation industry, complemented by an Executive MBA from Queen’s University's Smith Business School, helped her grow Herbaland into Canada’s largest nutritional gummy manufacturer, employing 200 people in a 150,000-square-foot Richmond facility.

Aisha's commitment to diversity and inclusion has garnered industry recognition and accolades, such as the 2023 EY Entrepreneur of the Year and the 2022 Business in Vancouver Women of Influence award. Herbaland's stature as Canada’s largest nutritional gummy manufacturer is a testament to its innovative approach, producing 250 different products and distributing 70 million bottles and pouches yearly across 40 countries. The company, supported by a diverse team that emphasizes inclusivity, community, and sustainability, prides itself on being the first B Corp certified nutritional gummy manufacturer globally. This certification, alongside the SEAL Award in 2022 and being named among the Globe and Mail's Top 500 Fastest-Growing Companies for five consecutive years, underscores Herbaland's dedication to environmental stewardship and rapid growth.

Aisha’s leadership philosophy, centered on love and gratitude, fosters a culture of integrity and community service; Her efforts extend beyond Herbaland, contributing significantly to community service and the empowerment of women in leadership.

Date modified: 2024-07-05