Eduardo Bohórquez

Currently serving as Executive Director of Transparency International in Mexico (Transparencia Mexicana), Eduardo Bohórquez is a pioneer of transparency, accountability and anti-corruption in Mexico. During the past two decades, Eduardo Bohórquez held different positions in the National Chapter of Transparency International in Mexico. In 1998 he was appointed Executive Secretary of Transparencia Mexicana’s Board of Directors. During the 2000 change of government, he was responsible of drafting the first public civic anti-corruption policy agenda, leading to the adoption of a set of legislative and policy changes related to access to information. In the transparency and accountability agenda, Eduardo was responsible for developing tools as the Social Witness for Public Procurement (acknowledged by the OECD as a global best practice); the National Survey on Corruption and Good Governance (the first corruption victimization index in Latin America and now an official corruption measurement at the National Statistics Office); the adoption of an early Conflict of Interest policy; and the adoption of policies for reforming public service delivery, social programs, and education policies. A strong advocate of the use of technology for reducing corruption risks, Eduardo systematically pushed for reforms in e-procurement and the use of open data in budget and public procurement. Under his leadership, Transparencia Mexicana has been an independent monitor of 200 major public procurement processes ranging from hydropower to consolidated purchases in the health sector. He has been a board member of the Extractives Industries Transparency Initiative in Oslo. He has been awarded with the Open Government Global Prize for his contribution in transforming the integrity of daycare nurseries in the National Social Security Institute (IMSS). In terms of his contribution to civil society, he was designated as the liaison of academia, private sector and civil society for the construction of the National Anti-Corruption System (2014 to 2016). He is currently part of the team creating the new Attorney General’s office with the transition team of the president-elect.

Date modified: 2019-04-12