Josie L. Mousseau headshot, EDC
Josie L. Mousseau Deputy Director, Canadian Business Women in International Trade (BWIT) Program Global Affairs Canada (GAC) Josie L. Mousseau

Josie joined Global Affairs Canada (GAC) in 2003 after working in other government departments and the private sector.  As Deputy Director, she currently heads the Business Women in International Trade (BWIT) program for the department, the only national federal program committed to addressing the specific needs of woman-owned businesses to internationalize. 

Josie is widely recognized as a strong advocate in promoting business women in international trade. She played an instrumental role in bringing together partner departments and representatives of women’s business organizations from across Canada to establish certification for business women.  Her outstanding efforts to establish strategic alliances with key forces in the woman-owned business environment across North America make her a pioneer of progressive and inclusive trade.  Under her leadership, the initiatives taken by her division sparked numerous business success stories. At national and international conferences, she is the face of Global Affairs Canada, engaging not only with members of the business community, but also with those in academia, other government departments, and national women’s business organizations.  She has also managed consultations with key stakeholders for the Department, such as the Deputy Minister’s five Proactive Sector Advisory Boards, the Minister of International Trade’s Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Advisory Board, as well as consultations related to free trade agreements. Josie has been recognized through many awards and most recently, received the Ken Sunquist Award recognizing outstanding service excellence and quality results that contribute to the department successfully delivering on its international trade objectives.

Date modified: 2018-03-23