Export Development Canada (EDC) is working with our federal partners and Canadian financial institutions to bring business financial relief and support to Canadian companies through the government’s new Business Credit Availability Program (BCAP).

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By answering a few questions about your needs and your company, EDC can help you identify the programs and services that will serve you best as you face challenges brought on by COVID-19.



Thank you for sharing some information about your company with us. Below is a list of solutions and services that might fit your needs right now. 



Introducing the EDC Business Credit Availability Program (BCAP) Guarantee

The EDC BCAP Guarantee helps companies that sell internationally or within Canada to address cash flow challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Qualified businesses can access up to $6.25 million in credit through their financial institution to cover rent, payroll and other operating costs caused by the current crisis. Please note: this new solution may not be available through your financial institution until a later date.


Looking for more COVID-19 business financial relief? Find the right solution for your business here.

All the solutions listed here have been adjusted to reflect the current needs of Canadian businesses. Depending on the product, changes may include: deferred payment, an increase in the amount available, faster approval processes and other modifications.







To see other products and services aimed at helping Canadian businesses during COVID-19, go here.

EDC Business Credit Availability Program (BCAP) Guarantee

Access additional credit through your financial institution to cover rent, payroll and other operating costs during the COVID-19 pandemic.


EDC Credit Insurance

Insure your export sales and protect your business from the risk of non-payment.

Export Guarantee Program

EDC can offer your financial institution a guarantee of repayment and make it easier for you to access financing.

Foreign Exchange Facility Guarantee

Protect yourself against foreign exchange risk without locking up your capital.

Account Performance Security Guarantee

Get the benefit of pre-approval and a predictable rate for your guarantees, making it easier to pursue business.


Important note: Our office buildings are closed, but we are virtually available to help your business. Because of the uncertain times we are in, our customer service team and account managers are currently experiencing a high volume of calls, which can mean longer-than-normal wait times. We thank you for your understanding and we want to assure you that we are committed to supporting you despite these delays.


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