EDC Content and Community Guidelines

EDC Social Media Content & Community Guidelines

At Export Development Canada (EDC), we’re committed to providing Canadian companies, like yours, with the expert advice, resources and solutions you need to take your business global. This goal is reflected in our social media channels, where we strive to provide useful content and encourage constructive dialogue and mutual respect among our community members. Our online community is a place where lively discussion meets up-to-the-minute export advice and insights—and we want your voice to be heard. We invite you to engage with us, post relevant questions and comments on our channels and reach out to us for support.

These guidelines will help us ensure that our social media channels are a safe and inclusive space for community engagement, where you can connect with like-minded individuals from around the world and stay informed about our initiatives, programs and resources.

How EDC supports our community

We're committed to helping Canadian businesses grow on the world stage. Content published on our social media channels includes information about our products and services, but may also include relevant opinions, stories, and experiences from Canada and around the world.

The content we post is believed to be reliable at the time it's made public. However, we do not warrant that any information is complete, accurate or applicable to all situations. No content posted by EDC, an employee or agent, or any other user should be interpreted or used as financial, legal or tax advice.

EDC aims to respond to comments and messages within one business day. We'll moderate our community according to our guidelines between the approximate hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET, Monday to Friday, except on holidays. Note: to protect the privacy of your business and personal information, we're unable to address certain questions on social media. 

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Safety and security in our community

We welcome questions and comments from all users. To make sure every user feels safe and free to express themselves, the following behaviours will not be permitted:

  • Expressions of hatred or intolerance for people on the basis of physical appearance, race, national or ethnic origin, colour, gender or gender identity or expression, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, marital or family status, age, disability or genetic characteristics, or the promotion of organizations with such views
  • Content consisting of advertising, promotion, or solicitation
  • Content that is disrespectful, libellous, defamatory, harassing, threatening, inflammatory, stalking, or depicting violence, or explicit content that contains obscenities or profanity
  • Content containing personal information, including phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, financial information, or other. Privacy will be respected in accordance with our Privacy Notice
  • Links to malware or phishing sites, or sharing spam
  • Content that violates intellectual property rights and does not have proper permission from the rightful owner
  • References to criminal or illegal activity
  • Content that is otherwise deemed unacceptable by EDC at its discretion

While we welcome the opinions shared in our communities, we are not responsible for views other than our own. EDC doesn't endorse views or comments posted by users and in no way, verifies or confirms the accuracy of user comments. EDC reserves the right to remove off-topic comments, posts or content that doesn't adhere to the community guidelines, and to block anyone who violates them.

EDC isn't responsible for and doesn't endorse third-party websites or content that may be linked from our social networking properties. Third-party websites and content aren't bound by the Official Languages Act and may not be available in both official languages. Likes, shares and retweets by EDC don't constitute endorsements (neither expressed nor implied).

EDC reserves the right to change, remove, or deny access to the content on our social media channels and isn't responsible for any consequences users may experience as a result.

Use of Technology and Generative AI in Content Creation

EDC is continuously striving to improve and enhance our digital communications and create the highest quality of content. To this end, we use a variety of processes, tools and technologies, including Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI). EDC may use Gen AI to complement our content creation processes; for short copy on social media or light image editing; or to generate content ideas, topic and drafts.

While Gen AI assists in these processes, final content is always subject to review, editing and approval by EDC’s team. EDC believes in transparency and ethical use of technology. We are dedicated to leveraging AI in a responsible manner that enhances our services and supports our mission to help Canadian companies grow their businesses internationally.

We reserve the right to evolve these guidelines at any time to better serve our community. The rules and regulations for each specific social media platform must also be respected, and those supersede any of these guidelines.

Date modified: 2024-05-23