Through the EDC Business Connection Program, Canadian companies are introduced to leading global companies interested in working with Canadian expertise and innovation. We help your business grow by introducing you to opportunities in international markets.



Access a high-potential global network

Our international network allows you to access a select group of global companies and key decision-makers. 

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Connect to global opportunities

Our industry experts work with targeted global companies to understand their business needs and identify opportunities that fit with your company’s expertise and capabilities.

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Enter international markets with confidence

Our industry knowledge and international relationships give you the confidence to know that you’re being connected with global companies who are interested in working with Canadian expertise.

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Accelerate growth

Shave time off your sales cycle by being introduced to global companies who are interested in working with businesses in your sector, increasing your efficiency and expediting your international growth.


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We couldn’t have done it without EDC. Without them we wouldn’t have ever known about this project, let alone received support on how to proceed with it.

Jeff Simpson  —  Founder Aquatic Life



Discover how these Canadian businesses have made meaningful connections around the world


Boats on the water

Aquatic Life: How a small-town business catapulted onto the global stage

Success Story    Through the EDC Business Connection Program, this water monitoring solutions company gained the attention of a multinational mining giant. 


Field of sunflowers

From the kitchen to the world stage: How Green Beaver’s beauty products have garnered international success

Success Story    This natural beauty product company turned to EDC to mitigate its risks and access more money when international opportunities arose.                


How EDC’s Connections Program Sparked a Contract with BMW for Solace Power

How the EDC Business Connection Program sparked a contract with BMW for Solace Power 

Success Story    Here’s how a wireless power solutions company landed a contract with BMW, after being introduced to the automotive giant by EDC.


Green Power Labs

Green Power Labs Inc. 

Success Story    This company is now in talks with three multinationals it met through EDC for contracts worth millions. 


Montreal manufacturer WATERAX Inc.


Success Story    This Montreal manufacturer secured a long-sought-after Chilean client after EDC intervened with its matchmaking service.


Aerial view of oil rig

‘Confidence, connections and cash’ helped this energy company succeed internationally

Success Story    This family-founded onshore drilling company prospered using EDC’s products throughout its growth.




How it works

Our goal is to create trade for Canada by connecting Canadian companies to international opportunities. 

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1. Create your Company Profile

To better understand your business, we need to know more about your product or service. 

Complete your Company Profile so we can better promote what your company has to offer.

2. Assess and identify opportunities

When you complete your company profile, we will review and assess your product or service to identify if there are any opportunities that fit your company’s expertise. 

3. Wait for us to contact you

Once we identify an opportunity and validate your company meets the need, we will work with you and the international company to facilitate the introduction. Timing can vary depending on your industry and the business need. In the event there isn’t a fit, we may reach out when other suitable opportunities arise. 

4. Perfect your pitch

It is important to prepare yourself to sell the value of your product or service. Check out our blog on perfecting your sales pitch.


Be ready for an international opportunity.