Meet global customers through our connections program

We connect Canadian businesses like yours to international supply chains using our deep understanding of the Canadian export community and relationships with global buyers. Through one-on-one meetings and events in Canada and abroad we make business introductions that can help you break into a new market and reduce your business development costs.

We create these valuable business introductions by collecting information on your company and matching your capabilities to the specific needs of our global buyers.

In the past year alone, EDC introduced us to about a dozen customers so that we could showcase the [Rail-Veyor] technology to a variety of large corporate global partners overseas and also smaller localized companies in various regions around the world.

Ron Russ  —  President and CEO Rail–Veyor

Connect with supply chain opportunities in international markets

  • Our international representatives and sector specialists consult with global buyers on their specific supply-chain needs and business goals.
  • We provide financing to international companies to encourage them to consider qualified Canadian suppliers for their procurement needs.
  • Since 2003, our loans have totalled $32.9 billion and helped more than 5,000 Canadian companies make just under $50 billion in export sales.

Reduce your business development costs

  • A direct introduction to someone who can influence procurement decisions can save you months of business development costs, and you do not have to pay for the service.
  • In 2017, we made over 1,000 introductions between 446 Canadian exporters and approximately 100 companies worldwide.

Expand your network into target markets

  • EDC’s sector specialists and representatives in global markets have local knowledge and relationships that can help you form the in-market networks that are often a requirement for larger supply contracts.
  • We have leading sector specialists in Canada and representation in high-growth markets around the world, with staff and partners working on the ground to connect Canadian exporters to opportunities.

How it works

Trade is a key driver of Canada’s economic growth. We work with the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service, industry associations and provincial governments to help Canadian companies take advantage of these opportunities. When you create your company profile with us, we continue to build our understanding of Canadian expertise so that more businesses can grow through trade and bring their expertise to the world.

1. Create your company profile

To make a match we need to know about your company and capabilities. Visit our Connection Form to give us your details.

2. Speak to an EDC trade advisor

Call 1-800-229-0575 to discuss who you are and how you can take part.

3. Wait for us to make a match

When we have an opportunity to fill a specific need for an international client that matches your product or service, we will contact you with an invitation to take part in a meeting or an event.

4. Perfect your pitch

It is important to prepare yourself to sell the value of your product or service. Check out our resources on being competitive and creating a unique value proposition.


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