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guide to expand internationally

How to choose your partners: A guide to expanding internationally

Blog July 16, 2018 Choosing the right partners mitigates financial risk when expanding your operations internationally.

EDC Peter Hall: Confidence Bucks Trade Turmoil

Confidence Bucks Trade Turmoil

Video July 13, 2018 Canadian exporters are feeling good…but for how long?

standby letters of credit

How to post standby letters of credit – without tying up your cash flow

Blog July 09, 2018 Standby letters of credit are common in international trade. Here’s how to issue them without tying up your cash flow.

Get a secure and trusted website

3 steps to keeping your website secure and trusted

Blog July 06, 2018 Any entrepreneur knows that the most valuable thing in any business is trust. Your customers trust you with their money; they trust that your product will serve their needs, and they trust that their data will be protected.

EDC Peter Hall: AMLO Mexico Election Review

Mexico’s populist pivot

Video July 05, 2018 How will AMLO steer the Mexican economy?

Weekly Commentary: Elections in Latin America

Latin America: Election jitters grow

Video June 28, 2018 Pivotal elections are unfolding in Colombia, Mexico and Brazil. Read on to find out what you need to know.

Brazil and Argentina: Open for Canadian agribusiness

Brazil and Argentina: Open for Canadian agribusiness

Blog June 25, 2018 Canadian firms in precision agriculture equipment are finding new clients in Brazil and Argentina.

The paradox of shift

The paradox of shift

Video June 21, 2018 What if the popular elixir is actually…poison?

expanding or acquiring a company internationally

Expanding or acquiring a company internationally? 3 conditions for success

Blog June 19, 2018 Is your business ready to expand internationally? Read our 3 conditions for success.

Canada champions progressive trade agenda

Canada champions progressive trade agenda at WTO conference

Blog June 18, 2018 Canada’s ambassador to the WTO says gender, small business and e-commerce were high on the agenda of the WTO conference in Buenos Aires.