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Trucks carrying cargo.

Exporting made safer: Managing risk with Incoterms® 2020

Blog October 15, 2019 Because Incoterms® provide a common logistics vocabulary, using them significantly reduces the potential for disputes over logistics.


How corporate social responsibility strengthens your brand

Blog October 11, 2019 Doing good can be very good for your bottom line.

Peter Hall, EDC

America’s relentless job machine

Weekly Commentary October 10, 2019 Although employment is a trailing indicator, this caboose is powering a pretty substantial train.

The Dubai skyline

Doing Business in the UAE: 11 etiquette tips

Blog October 08, 2019 The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is Canada’s largest export market in the Middle East and North Africa.

global markets for Canada’s clean technology

Top 5 global markets for Canada’s clean technology

Blog October 07, 2019 A look at the five most promising cleantech markets

Peter Hall, EDC

Confidence checkup

Weekly Commentary October 03, 2019 With concern about slowing growth and political uncertainty, what are the gauges of confidence telling us?

Peter Hall, EDC

Business economics: A renaissance?

Weekly Commentary September 26, 2019 Are business economists about to get a bit wealthier?

Bogota - Doing business in Colombia

Doing business in Colombia: 10 business etiquette tips

Blog September 25, 2019 Two EDC customers share their Colombian business etiquette tips.

Managing reputational risk

Managing reputational risk in your global supply chain

Blog September 24, 2019 Learn 5 ways to safeguard your reputation while managing your global supply chain.

trade acronyms

Exporting 101: Defining 24 trade acronyms

Blog September 20, 2019 An Export Help advisor shares a list of 24 commonly used export acronyms with brief definitions.