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EDC Peter Hall: George on my mind

Georgia On My Mind

Weekly Commentary April 25, 2019 Why is EDC opening up a representation in Atlanta? Good question.

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta: Latest breakout star for Canadian exports

Blog April 24, 2019 EDC is growing in the United States by opening an office in Atlanta, Georgia to better serve the southeastern part of the country.

How energy geeks tackled the US market

Geeking out: How one cleantech company tackled the U.S. market

Blog April 23, 2019 When a Fortune 250 company in the United States acquired our home-grown Canadian company in 2014, we knew we’d made it in the solar energy industry.

EDC Peter Hall: All systems go

All Systems Go?

Weekly Commentary April 18, 2019 Economy poised for liftoff, with a few bumps along the way

Exporters journey

Five signs you’re ready to start exporting

Blog April 17, 2019 Getting started with exporting isn’t always easy. The good news: Even if you’re just considering taking that first step, you may be further along in the exporting journey than you think.

Women in business

Unleashing the power of women entrepreneurs

Blog April 16, 2019 Today, almost half of all small and medium-sized businesses in Canada are either partially or entirely owned by women.

EDC Susanna Campagna: The Disease of Dis-ease?

The Disease of dis-ease?

Weekly Commentary April 11, 2019 Today’s global risk environment is not going away anytime soon.

Going to Australia

Australia: What to know before you go

Blog April 11, 2019 Teresa Nizzola, EDC’s chief representative in Australia, shares five facts about doing business Down Under.

EDC Peter Hall: Alberta exports: A way out?

Alberta exports: A way out?

Weekly Commentary April 04, 2019 The dominance of oil and gas in Alberta exports is gripping.

Digital marketing tips

Working the web: How to master your online presence

Blog April 04, 2019 For those of you who recognize that your online efforts might not be as stellar as they should be, you’re not alone. By the time you’ve finished reading this, you’ll know exactly what steps to take.