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EDC Peter Hall: And you thought 2018 was fun!

And you thought 2018 was fun!

Weekly Commentary January 17, 2019 The world economy will have a number of hurdles to overcome in 2019


Three tips for staying cool when competition is hot

Blog January 15, 2019 Owner Mark Bedard, who launched MTL as a small spinoff of his father’s refrigeration business in 1997, credits his company’s ability to win multi-million-dollar contracts in the U.S. for its sizzling success.

3 ingredients to going global

Confidence, courage and calculated risk: Key ingredients to going global

Blog January 14, 2019 Dragon’s Den’s Arlene Dickinson says entrepreneurs need to take risks to be successful.

Canadian Cosmetics Exports

Bold and the beautiful: Putting on a brave face is paramount to exporting

Blog January 14, 2019 Canadian beauty maven Daniele Henkel shares four lessons she learned on her successful export journey.

Exporter’s hand presses on digital tablet of world map at shipyard with cargo freight containers in background.

CUSMA relief shifts to worries about global protectionism and tariffs

Blog January 14, 2019 EDC’s bi-annual Trade Confidence Index survey reveals mood of 1,000 Canadian exporters


Bank won’t give any lending value to your foreign assets? Try this

Blog January 12, 2019 Canadian banks won’t typically count overseas assets as collateral, but with EDC’s Export Guarantee Program, you can leverage assets outside of Canada and get more access to financing.

EDC Andrea Gardella: What happened in 2018 and what can we learn for 2019

What happened in 2018 and what can we learn for 2019

Weekly Commentary January 10, 2019 Understand the past to navigate the future of country risk.


Keeping fingers on the pulse: How growth in Mexico offers benefits to Canadians

Blog January 08, 2019 Mexico is expected to step into a new chapter of economic growth.


Getting up to speed on Canada’s internet

Blog January 07, 2019 In today’s environment, small businesses rely heavily on quality internet access. Having a strong internet enables entrepreneurship.


Sera4: Unlocking doors in Latin America

Blog January 04, 2019 In only four years, Sera4 has grown from a small two-person operation to a multimillion-dollar enterprise—all due to export sales.