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EDC Peter Hall: Is trade diversification worth it?

Is trade diversification worth it?

Weekly Commentary November 15, 2018 Is the US market really Canada’s only long-term trade bet?

The Commodity Tracker

The Commodity Tracker

Guide Commodity prices can impact exporting, world trade and your business, but you can stay abreast of prices and other indicators with this at-a-glance report.


Let it snow: Manitobah Mukluks warms the way to e-commerce success

Blog November 13, 2018 When it comes to growing your retail brand into an e-commerce success, there’s no magic formula. It takes hard work, an infinite amount of determination and a lot of research.


Best of both worlds: Combining the physical and digital retail experience

Blog November 12, 2018 Digital technologies continue to transform the e-commerce experience, and are beginning to impact bricks and mortar retail environments as well

EDC Peter Hall: Canada’s provincial industrial export outlook

Canada’s provincial-industrial export outlook

Weekly Commentary November 08, 2018 Some surprising export stories at provincial and industrial levels

The art of bringing art to the world

The art of bringing art to the world

Blog November 07, 2018 Business Development Manager of Creos explains the art of bringing art to the world.

EDC Peter Hall: The Canada-Australia Connection

The Canada-Australia Connection

Weekly Commentary November 01, 2018 Oz: An Asian hot-spot for Canada?

How building our brand set us on a global adventure

How building our brand set us on a global adventure

Blog October 31, 2018 Co-founder of Escape Manor reflects on the foundational steps the company took with its brand before going global.

The power of partnerships

Getting to China: The power of partnerships

Blog October 30, 2018 When selling to China or to other emerging countries going through partners is often essential to doing business.

India land of hidden promise

Incredible India: Land of hidden promise

Blog October 26, 2018 In India, it’s the opposite—the risks are obvious, but the opportunities are somewhat hidden. It’s time to dig deeper.