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Heads up: 6 tips to help Canadian exporters cross the finish line

Blog January 24, 2020 EDC customer, Ciele Athletics, shares their advice.

Peter Hall, EDC

Do weak demographics mean slower overall growth?

Weekly Commentary January 23, 2020 Are machines taking over?


Developing a risk-management plan: 4 response options

Blog January 23, 2020 Where there’s opportunity, there’s risk.

Sunset behind the official residence of the president of India in New Delhi.

Doing business in India: What Canadian exporters need to know

Blog January 22, 2020 India is a priority market for the Government of Canada and EDC. Here’s how you can leverage that interest and do business in India.

Skyline of Manila City and Manila Bay, Philippines

Doing business in the Philippines: 11 essential etiquette tips

Blog January 21, 2020 Two-way merchandise trade between Canada and the Philippines was $1.98 billion in 2016. Read 11 etiquette tips for doing business in the Philippines.

Peter Hall, EDC

Global business investment is at a standstill

Weekly Commentary January 16, 2020 The story stretches back over a decade.

Sunset view of Jakarta’s National Monument’s gold-layered torch.

Indonesia: A nation of contrasts

Blog January 13, 2020 An emerging economy with a diverse culture and array of traditions, the Indonesian market is worth exploring for Canadian businesses

Saint Peter Basilica in Rome, Italy

Doing business in Italy: What Canadian exporters need to know

Blog January 10, 2020 Canada’s exports to Italy in 2018 reached $2.9 billion, an increase of 34% in one year.

Peter Hall, EDC

Will 2020 bring an end to the policy pause?

Weekly Commentary January 09, 2020 Is trade policy mayhem here to stay?

Professional woman speaking about project

Indirect vs. direct exporting: Doing what’s best to grow your business

Blog January 07, 2020 There is another contender on the international playing field: the indirect exporter.