About the Trade Expansion Lending Program

Export Development Canada (EDC) exists to help Canadian businesses succeed on the world stage. We work within the banking ecosystem to share the risk related to the Canadian companies' international business growth.

The Trade Expansion Lending Program (TELP) is a working capital guarantee designed to help you maximize the working capital you can access through your financial institution. TELP is an EDC working capital guarantee that is delivered by approved financial institutions. This makes it simpler to apply and faster to process, helping you access funding faster. 

Diagram that shows how EDC working capital guarantees work. EDC provides a guarantee to the lender, the lender transfers their risk to EDC, and the lender can then provide credit to the exporter.


The EDC TELP advantage

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Sometimes your business needs to make a bold move to grow and compete. But when your growth plans are bigger than your past financial performance or limited by your balance sheet, it may be challenging for your financial institution account manager to offer you the credit conditions you need.   

With an EDC guarantee (such as TELP) in place, some of your financial institution’s risk is shared  with EDC, allowing them to increase your access to working capital and enabling you to:

  • fund your operations
  • take on new contracts
  • expand production capacity with a CapEx loan
  • and pursue other opportunities to grow your business internationally.



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Find out if an EDC guarantee can help you access more working capital

Talk to your financial institution to find out if an EDC working capital guarantee like TELP is a good fit for your financing needs.  

FI account managers: Need support from EDC? Reach out to 1-800-229-0575 and we’ll help direct your inquiry.


Date modified: 2024-03-01