Improve your cash flow to cover business operating costs

Export Development Canada (EDC) understands that these are challenging times for Canadian companies, whether you sell internationally or within Canada. We’ve partnered with financial institutions to help businesses of all sizes, sectors and regions address the financial impacts of COVID-19. Qualified applicants can quickly improve their cash flow through their bank or credit union to help manage day-to-day expenses like buying inventory and paying your suppliers, or for new costs your business bears due to COVID-19.


Get quick access to cash flow with the EDC BCAP Guarantee

• This guarantee to your financial institution is specifically for new operating lines of credit or new term loans to sustain operations in response to COVID-19.

• The size of your loan or line of credit is determined by your financial institution. 

• EDC provides a guarantee to your financial institution for the majority of the money you borrow, encouraging them to increase your company's access to credit.

• Our goal is to work with your financial institution to ensure you have better cash flow so you can cover business operating costs.

• EDC fees related to this guarantee may be deferred for the first six months for smaller credit amounts.

Talk to your financial institution account manager to find out if the EDC BCAP Guarantee is a good fit for your cash flow needs.

• Your business does not need to have export sales to qualify for this program.

• Eligibility for the EDC BCAP Guarantee is subject to additional requirements through approved financial institutions.

• The following are not supported by the EDC BCAP Guarantee:

- Government organizations or bodies or entities wholly owned by a government organization or body;

- Non-profit organizations, registered charities, unions, or a fraternal benefit societies or orders, or entities owned by such an organization, unless the entity is actively carrying on a business in Canada (including a related business in the case of a registered charity) that earns revenue from the regular supply of property/goods or services;

- Entities owned by any Federal Member of Parliament or Senator; and

- Entities that promote violence, incite hatred or discriminate on the basis of sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, colour, race, ethnic or national origin, religion, age or mental or physical disability, contrary to applicable laws.

• Proceeds from your loan must be used to finance business operating costs and cannot be used to repay or refinance existing debt.

• Some restrictions apply for Oil and Gas companies. 

Guide for your first steps with the BCAP Guarantee

Talking to a financial institution about the different lending programs available to your business can be a difficult experience.  Download this one-page BCAP Guarantee reference sheet and have it on-hand to help guide your conversation, as you explore ways that the guarantee can help your financial institution consider your loan request.



Talk to your financial institution about the EDC BCAP Guarantee

Contact your financial institution to find out if they offer the EDC BCAP Guarantee. They can tell you if this solution is a good fit for your business and how to apply.


EDC Trade Advisor
EDC Trade Advisor