About this virtual event

This series of virtual presentations will help you make an informed decision as to whether Australia is a potential market for you.

These presentations will provide you with background information about Australia as a country and potential market, as well as insights into doing business in Australia. You'll also have an opportunity to hear from Canadian companies that have succeeded in the market, and from one of Australia’s largest corporates, Downer Group, about their lines of business, how to work with them, and their pipeline of projects.

Episode 1 – Doing Business in Australia

The first episode in our special two-part virtual series, Doing business in Australia, will feature export and market experts, as well as insights from Canadian suppliers who are successfully established in this exciting market. 

Episode 2 – Doing Business with Downer Group

Subsequently, Downer Group presents their specific company’s areas of operation, pipeline of projects and tips on doing business with them.