Start diversifying, one step at a time

Doing business in new countries can seem risky and complex, but it is critical to staying ahead of the competition and securing your future. We are here to help you understand and begin the process.



Why diversify into new markets?

Expanding into multiple international markets has proven to help reduce risk, unlock opportunities, and drive business growth. Putting all your eggs in one basket is rarely a good strategy

Learn more about the benefits


A table of RBC executives discuss export strategy.

Make Trade Agreements Work for You

Learn about trade agreements and the benefits of exporting to countries where Canada has trade agreements in place.

Success Story

Handling Specialty

Handling Specialty: From humble beginnings to international contracts

Follow one company’s journey into diversifying their exports and learn how it created growth and added stability to their business.

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Shifting gears to find success Down Under

Find out how diversifying into new global markets can help protect your business from the impact of political risk. (Partner content: Trade Commissioner Service)



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Canada's need to diversify stronger than ever

Get information about why Canada as a nation needs to broaden its pool of global trading partners. (Partner content: Trade Commissioner Service)



How to start the process

Entering a new market doesn’t happen overnight. It begins with an understanding of challenges and opportunities ahead, and how to capitalize on them. That is one of the ways we can help.

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Diversifying into New Sectors and Markets

Over the next five years, Canada has committed $1.1 billion to help companies diversify and reach new markets. Join our free webinar and get in on the action.

Free trade agreements

Get there faster with free trade agreements

Find out about the advantage of Canadian companies in countries with a free trade agreement and how to leverage them.

Free trade agreements
Canada’s newest trade agreement

10 tips on how to profit from the CPTPP

Learn about the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership and the new opportunities it presents to Canadian exporters.

Guides: Market diversification made simpler

4 tips for expanding into the European market

Adi Gullia, founder of Canada’s Grace & Stella, offers tips to sell products and services in the EU.

Profiting from Canada's free trade agreements

Get more information about Canada’s free trade agreements and how your business can get the most out of them globally.

Top 10 global risks facing Canadian businesses 

Understand where your company faces economic, social, and political risk so you can enter new markets with confidence.



When is the right time to diversify?

Timing can be everything when it comes to your business and your target markets. Export forecasts and economic outlook reports can help ensure you are making the right moves at the right moment.

EDC is here to help

We can work with you to prepare to take the next step and expand into new markets.

Global Export Forecast


Access projections by sector and expert insights on the current trends influencing global trade and Canadian exports.


Country Risk Quarterly, Spring 2019


Get the latest information on changing country risks and trade opportunities in more than 100 markets, so you can make more informed decisions.


Global Economic Outlook


Gain valuable insights into the political and economic changes happening around the world and their impacts on trade. 



Where to go next

Every market presents unique challenges and opportunities. You need to identify where there is demand for your goods and services, and understand how politics, economics, and the legal system factor in.


Latin america business strategy

3 reasons Latin America should be part of your international business strategy

Most Canadian businesses start their international journey by going south, just over the border to the United States.


Downtown Sydney’s harbour abuzz with activity and commerce.

Australia: Taking your business Down Under

Get more information about the Australian market, how to enter it successfully and key sectors for Canadian goods and services.



Sun rises on new opportunities in Japan

Discover Japan's top sectors for Canadian goods and services, as well as strategies for entering the Japanese market.

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The Triumphal Arch in the Cinquantenaire park in Brussels.

Exporting to the EU - A guide for Canadian businesses

Gain valuable insights into the business environment in European Union markets to help your Canadian company succeed. (Partner content: Trade Commissioner Service)

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Spotlight on market research

Find out which international markets could be most beneficial for growing your business, and how to research them. (Partner content: Trade Commissioner Service)


Free Trade Agreements Open Doors Around the World

Free trade agreements open doors around the world

Take a look at the top countries or regions for trade opportunities that Canada has free trade agreements with.


Country info Export Development Canada

Take your business to places you never thought possible

Understand EDC's position on nations around the world and where opportunities exist for you to thrive and grow abroad.


Prosperous Canadian farmer on tracker ploughs lush fields.

Global Export Forecast

Access projections by sector and expert insights on the current trends influencing global trade and Canadian exporting.


India land of hidden promise

Incredible India: Land of hidden promise

In India, it’s the opposite—the risks are obvious, but the opportunities are somewhat hidden. It’s time to dig deeper.





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