Export Development Canada (EDC) announces its fourth annual Cleantech Export Week, commencing virtually on Nov.2

With an estimated 82,000 employees and annual revenues of $13 billion, according to EDC Economics, Canada’s cleantech industry is brimming of entrepreneurial activity and innovation, but its long-term strength depends on export sales. 

Connecting Canada’s cleantech ecosystem to share insights and opportunities, and to discuss financing and exporting solutions, is critical as countries worldwide navigate the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In this unprecedented context, EDC’s Cleantech Export Week will virtually bring together the Canadian cleantech ecosystem including companies, partners and financiers as we navigate the road towards economic recovery and continued growth of Canada’s cleantech sector. 

“Cleantech Export Week is bigger, and I would say more important than ever before,” said Dan Mancuso, Senior Vice President of Financing and Investments at EDC. “Canada possesses a large pool of both established and emerging expertise in cleantech and there are tremendous trade opportunities to be leveraged beyond our borders. The goal of this event is to highlight solutions that will enable Canadian businesses to overcome export challenges and expand their international footprint.”

Notwithstanding challenges brought on by the pandemic, the global cleantech market remains positioned for continued growth. According to EDC Economics, it is estimated to exceed roughly US$2.5 trillion by 2022 and close to 2% of anticipated global gross domestic product (GDP). The potential for clean technologies permeates all sectors of the economy due to the need to optimize the use of resources and reduce adverse environmental impacts.

The upcoming interactive event brings together experts from across Canada’s cleantech ecosystem to encourage a national dialogue about the opportunities open to Canadian businesses in the sector – specifically those willing to tap into demand globally. Attendees will also have the chance to virtually network with representatives from across the ecosystem.

“The Canadian cleantech sector is widely recognized as being innovative, a leader in R&D and a creator of practical solutions across a wide range of industries,” said Guillermo Freire, Vice President of Structured and Project Finance at EDC. “While cleantech entrepreneurs have been greatly impacted by the global pandemic, they are both resilient and resourceful. The support from a strong ecosystem of industry associations, federal and provincial governments along with valuable events such as Cleantech Export Week, is key for the growth and international success of Canadian cleantech companies.”

EDC, which is the largest Canadian financier of cleantech companies, facilitated $2.5 billion of business and served approximately 230 financial customers in the cleantech sector in 2019. In addition, EDC provided support through market knowledge and business connections to international companies and projects. These results point to EDC’s commitment, but also to a healthy and growing Canadian cleantech ecosystem.

Schedule of Events:

Monday, Nov. 2: Pivoting your business during COVID-19

EDC’s Chief Economist Peter Hall will kick off the 2020 Cleantech Export Week by delivering a talk about the economic outlook in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic and the cleantech sector. This will be followed by a panel of speakers from Canadian companies in various industries, focusing on how they pivoted their business during COVID-19. The day will finish off by revealing this year’s Export Stars and Ones to Watch.

Tuesday, November 3: The Cleantech Ecosystem 

Two partner panels will feature relevant and strategic topics from some of the industry’s brightest. In the first panel, led by MaRs Discovery District, you will learn about the Momentum Program which is designed to support high-growth cleantech companies. The second panel, by Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) will detail the transformation of the cleantech ecosystem in Canada by showcasing advanced companies from their portfolio. To end it on a high note, an exciting pitch session will take place, including the next wave of innovative cleantech companies.

Wednesday, November 4: Women & Innovation in Cleantech 

A keynote address from Annette Verschuren, Chair and CEO at NRstor Inc., will highlight the successes of women in cleantech and opportunities for the future. Next, you will hear from speakers representing various Canadian companies in a panel on women in cleantech. To wrap it up, engaging videos of the Ones to Watch will be shared.

Thursday, Nov. 5: Webinar

A live webinar hosted by EDC will focus on what it means for Canada to invest in a green recovery and what opportunities these types of investments could offer Canada and the world as countries make plans for sustainable economic recoveries.

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