Export Development Canada (EDC) announces a virtual event on Dec. 10 to commemorate this important milestone

The Mexican market offers an abundance of opportunities for Canadian exporters. It boasts the world’s 15th-largest market and the 10th-most populated country, has deep diplomatic, cultural and economic ties with Canada, and our countries share a recently-ratified trilateral trade deal with the United States. 

Since 2000, when EDC opened the first of two Mexico representations, Canada’s export credit agency has supported more than 10,000 Canadian companies and facilitated CAD $40 billion in business volume through the representations in Monterrey and Mexico City.

“For 20 years, EDC’s efforts in Mexico have created significant benefits for Canadian exporters. Looking forward, we are committed to creating even more success stories in Mexico,” said EDC’s President and CEO Mairead Lavery. “Strong relationship-building and business connections, like those many Canadians and Mexicans share, remain key to doing business as we work through this ongoing economic crisis toward recovery.”

EDC works closely with government partners, to provide the financial solutions, knowledge and connections to support Canadian companies and bridge them over this challenging time. To create opportunities for Canadian companies in Mexico and around the world, EDC leverages its role as a global financier, deep knowledge of the Canadian business landscape, relationships with international buyers and understanding of their needs.

“EDC’s representation in Mexico has enabled us to develop strong relationships with local business communities and to acquire strategic market insights,” said Jorge A. Rave, EDC’s Chief Representative in Mexico. “Through collaborative efforts with our trade ecosystem partners, including the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the Embassy of Canada in Mexico, we have seen exponential growth in trade opportunities for Canadian companies in Mexico over the past 20 years.”

Tune in to the virtual event on Thursday, Dec. 10, where EDC’s President and CEO Mairead Lavery will host a discussion around the evolution of the bilateral relationship, with participation from key government partners.

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