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Free-market regulations, pro-foreign investment policies and strong export-oriented industries make a warm welcome for Canadian exports.

Evaluating the market in Thailand

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EDC Position

EDC Country Position – Open on a restricted basis

Open on restricted basis

What this means:

  • Responsive approach to business
  • EDC solutions are available on a restricted basis
How does EDC determine the position?

Risk Rating

EDC Country Position –Low  Medium Risk

Low to Medium Risk

What this means:

The Commercial Country Ceiling (CCC) Risk Rating is measured from low to high, and is meant to represent the best possible rating that can be assigned to a commercial business (obligor) in a country.

How does EDC determine the risk rating?

Business environment in Thailand

With the passing of country’s 88 year old King Bhumibol in October 2016, Thailand has entered into an official year long period of mourning. His son, Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn, has since ascended on the throne. Medium-to-long term political stability is elusive due to deeply rooted tensions within Thailand's society and political system. That uncertainty combined with sluggish domestic demand, weak private investment and so exports has resulted in the country's economy underperforming. In order to help spur economic growth, the military-led government is planning large scale infrastructure investments. While there does exist a full range export and trade opportunities across multiple sectors, Canadian companies doing business with or working on projects connected to the sovereign should remain vigilant and exercise caution.
  • Advanced Security
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive & Heavy Truck
  • Oil & Gas
  • Telecom

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Here’s a helpful tip for doing business in Thailand

Expect your customer relationships to build slowly, with several meetings taking place before truly getting down to business – and be prepared for the bargaining negotiating style that Thais are fond of.

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