Green Bonds

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Commitment to the environment

To reinforce our commitment to the environment and in response to investor demand, EDC issues Green Bonds.

Support for environmental companies or projects and clean technology is a strategic priority for EDC as demand rises for goods and services that allow for a more efficient use of the planet’s resources. Opportunities to create trade are abundant in this sector and Canada possesses a large pool of both established and emerging expertise in clean technology subsectors such as water and wastewater, biofuel, and waste to energy, to name a few.

Eligible transactions will include loans that help mitigate climate change with clean technology or improved energy efficiency. They also include transactions that specifically focus on soil, or help mitigate climate change. Our rigorous due diligence requirements ensure that all projects and transactions we support are financially, environmentally and socially responsible.

Ernst & Young LLP has independently audited the allocation of funds from the Green Bond proceeds as at November 30, 2014.

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Investor relations

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