About this virtual event

Explore the remarkable transformation of Brazil’s agriculture sector. Discover how advanced technology, sustainable practices, and innovative management have propelled Brazil to the forefront of global agricultural production.

As the largest country worldwide in arable land, Brazil is a global powerhouse as an agricultural producer and exporter. Over the past two decades, Brazil has transformed its agribusiness into a modern, efficient, sustainable, and competitive sector. 

Some of the factors driving this, include: 

  • productivity gains 
  • management efficiency 
  • research 
  • innovation 

Thanks to advanced technology in machinery, equipment, and genetic improvement, Brazil’s agricultural production is thriving, which helps farmers increase their productivity—especially in commodities. The future of Brazilian agribusiness is intrinsically linked to the adoption of sustainable practices, technological innovation, and a conscious approach to global challenges. 

Brazil needs to increase both the scale and the sustainability of its agribusiness, which requires substantial investment and the adoption of the best corporate governance practices in the sector. To meet these goals, Brazilian agribusiness producers are keen to connect with international partners to provide leading edge solutions and technologies.