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  1. Product Information - 2012-06-15
    Overview of our Export Guarantee Program, a solution that shares financial risk with your bank so that you can get the financing you need for your international sales contracts and operations.


  2. Product Information - 2017-03-08
    Export Guarantee Program Application and Claims Checklists -for the FI Guide


  3. Product Information - 2012-01-10
    Export Guarantee Program Pricing Tip Sheet for Financial Institutions


  4. Product Information - 2016-07-20
    Case Study - Providing a general operating facility using the Export Guarantee Program (FI Guide)


  5. Web Page
    Product Information - 2017-03-27
    Working Capital Financing shares the financial risk with your bank so you can get the financing you need to break into new markets, increase production or support foreign investments.


  6. Web Page
    News Release - 2016-01-28
    Winnipeg’s Manitobah Mukluks uses $3.5 M EDC loan guarantee to grow its international export program


  7. Product Information - 2014-11-26
    Our Supplier Payment Program (SPP) can increase your lending capacity by insuring a credit facility for up to 90% against non-payment by your customer.


  8. Product Information - 2014-08-08
    This white paper looks at how EDC’s Export Guarantee Program (EGP) can help you overcome barriers, enhance your partnership with your bank and furnish the cash to grow your international sales.