Entering new markets? Want to be more competitive? Worried about the risks of international business?

No matter the industry or size of your company, EDC’s TradeInsights can help you take on the world.

We’ve been helping small and large Canadian companies go, grow and succeed internationally since 1944. Put the experience of Canada’s international risk experts to work for you.

Exporting advice

Exporting advice

Learn how to take your international sales to the next level

Trade intel

Trade intel

Get access to Canada’s top trade experts and key resources

Success stories

Success stories

Learn from other businesses who’ve been there, done that and succeeded

We take on the risk, so you can take on the world

Export Development Canada (EDC) is dedicated to helping Canadian companies, of all sizes, go, grow and succeed beyond our borders. As international risk experts, we provide them with knowledge, financing, insurance and connections. We also provide financial solutions to global companies to encourage them to buy from Canada.

  • Knowledge: We provide expertise that enables you to make informed decisions and learn more about international markets.
  • Finance & Working Capital: We manage and take on risk so that you can access capital and grow internationally.
  • Insurance: We reduce the uncertainties of exporting by offering insurance protection that lowers the risk to your company when selling outside of Canada.
  • Connections: With our connections across Canada and in markets around the world, we can introduce you to new customers, agents, distributors and more.

We can help you succeed internationally. Speak with a trade advisor today to learn how.

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