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ESG - Environmental, social and governance

We provide meaningful opportunities for our employees to connect with their communities. Our programs have three focus areas: giving, empowerment and education. 

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Whether it’s giving time or money, our employees are committed to giving back to their communities. To support them, EDC provides charitable giving opportunities that focus on our employees and the causes they care about. 

Community Investment Day

Every summer, EDC partners with Volunteer Ottawa to organize a few hours for our employees to give back to communities across Canada and around the world. It’s an opportunity to connect with each other, have some fun and make a small difference through our collective efforts.

Employee Charitable Donations Program 

Through our Charitable Donations Program, we provide financial donations to charitable organizations where our employees demonstrate ongoing involvement as volunteers.

Disaster relief

Our employees have a history of coming together to respond to domestic and global emergencies. EDC’s charitable donations programming supports these causes by maximizing the impact of individual donations towards disaster relief efforts through our matching program.

Charitable Campaign 

Each fall, EDC participates in the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign, which supports the United Way/Centraide Outaouais, Healthpartners and many charitable organizations across Canada. The campaign is run entirely by volunteers who donate their time and energy, organizing awareness activities and raising funds that benefit our communities.

Community Service Leave

Every year, four of our employees spend four months at CARE offices around the world providing their expertise to CARE’s enterprise and economic development project. This helps small businesses and communities in places like Ecuador, Morocco and Zambia.


We partner with international NGOs to empower small enterprises in markets where our customers do business. Our programs give our employees opportunities to share their knowledge and skills to make a difference in the international community. 

CARE Canada

EDC has worked with CARE Canada for 10 years, helping to expand economic opportunities in emerging markets. This joint global community investment initiative strengthens CARE’s enterprise and economic development projects through the transfer of EDC’s expertise.


We work with educational institutions to give students hands-on, experiential learning opportunities to better position them to become the business leaders of tomorrow. 

In partnership with Canadian educational institutions and key stakeholders, EDC creates learning opportunities for young Canadians on the importance of international business and trade.

International Business Scholarships

EDC’s International Business Scholarships program recognizes the best and brightest post-secondary students who demonstrate an interest in pursuing a career in international trade. 

Thirty scholarships are available annually, 25 of which go to undergraduate university or college students studying business, with up to five additional scholarships for students in programs which combine business with sustainability studies. An EDC scholarship is worth a $4,000.

The application process starts in November and ends in February. Scholarships are awarded in spring, and issued in autumn at the start of each academic year.


Since 1997, EDC has sponsored AIESEC Canada, a student-run organization that provides leadership and international exchange opportunities for Canadian university students. As a supporter, we contribute to AIESEC's efforts in connecting Canadian students to professional internship opportunities around the world.