Evaluating the market in Brazil

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Business environment in Brazil

The Brazilian economy is very diversified and the largest in Latin America. Brazil’s significant wealth in agricultural products, hydrocarbons and minerals—all important export items—contributes to its gross domestic product (GDP). Brazil has a large population and consumer base, and its banking system is regulated and solid. In recent years, the country has successfully approved and implemented various reforms aimed at improving the business environment and attracting more private investors. Results are already apparent in the ongoing and committed investments scheduled for upcoming years in sectors such as energy and infrastructure (including water and wastewater), and information and communication technologies (ICT). Further positive developments are needed to address longstanding issues, such as poor infrastructure, logistics and social inequality.

Here’s a helpful tip for doing business in Brazil

Avoid business trips to Brazil during their holidays, especially the popular Carnival (late January to early February) when many businesses are celebrating.


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Date modified: 2023-08-03