Evaluating the market in Germany

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Business environment in Germany

Germany remains among the largest economies in Europe and the world. The country’s market size, economic and political stability, and highly accommodating business environment make it an attractive market for Canadian exporters. Germany is recognized for its strong business infrastructure and ability to foster innovation. Berlin is a hotspot for startups. The risk of government interference in the commercial space is extremely low, and the country’s governance indicators, institutional quality and regulatory environment are among the best in the world.
As a highly open economy dependent on exports, Germany’s future growth is impacted by a weak outlook for wider eurozone growth and inflationary pressures caused by supply chain disruptions and higher energy prices. Export Development Canada (EDC) serves Canadian companies in Germany through our local representation in Düsseldorf.

Here’s a helpful tip for doing business in Germany.

Canadian companies that offer products or services for an older demographic will want to look at Germany as the country has a large percentage of population past the average retirement age.



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Date modified: 2023-08-04