Research Panel

Join the panel and share your views on trade-related topics

The EDC Research Panel is the online portal where 1,000 Canadian exporters and export-ready businesses come to share their views on trade related topics. By joining the Research Panel, you can:

Share and learn valuable insights on what the exporter community thinks of trade-related topics and trends

Help to shape EDC’s product development, user experience and marketing

Get privileged access to survey results and other EDC intelligence

More choices on how you participate

Panel members participate in a short survey about every other month. Now, you can choose the type of research you’d like to participate in—or opt to simply read the survey reports.

  • Customer experience surveys: Provide your opinions on EDC marketing materials and your experience dealing with us.
  • Trade-related surveys: Provide your insight, opinions and experiences on a variety of topics that are most relevant to exporters today.
  • Or opt to receive the survey reports only.

Download a sample survey report to see an example of the type of research you'll have access to as a member of the EDC Research Panel.

It’s a chance to present my company’s situation to EDC to help influence their policies and efforts.