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Vietnam’s story is one of growth, embarking on a state-controlled free-market reformation that brings opportunities for several Canadian sectors.

Evaluating the market in Vietnam

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EDC Country Position - Open


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  • Actively pursuing business
  • All EDC solutions are available in this market, subject to regular approval criteria
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Risk Rating

EDC Country Position – Medium to High Risk

Medium to High Risk

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The Commercial Country Ceiling (CCC) Risk Rating is measured from low to high, and is meant to represent the best possible rating that can be assigned to a commercial business (obligor) in a country.

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Business environment in Vietnam

Exports and FDI inflows have helped Vietnam exceed growth expectations in recent years; and growth is expected to remain in the six per cent range in 2018. With privatization of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) gaining traction, the investment climate may experience another boost. Although macroeconomic factors and Vietnam’s dependence on SOEs can pose challenges for potential foreign investors, the Vietnamese economy provides ample opportunities for Canadian companies in several sectors due to favorable demographics and a growing middle class. Prior to entering the market, companies should be prepared to invest the necessary time and resources needed to develop strong, on-the-ground relationships. It is advised that Canadian exporters appoint a local representative to act as an importer/distributor for direct exports.
  • Aerospace
  • Construction & Infrastructure
  • Consumer Goods
  • Oil and Gas

Here’s a helpful tip for doing business in Vietnam

Building strong relationships are essential to doing business in Vietnam, and the initial meeting should be solely used as a "getting to know you" opportunity.

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Alicia McCarthy  Senior Trade Advisor, EDC