The challenge

Mother and PhD Medical Scientist Dr. Dionne Laslo-Baker was in the kitchen with her two children when the idea for DeeBee’s Organics was born. One child wanted to make tea, but the other wanted to make frozen pops. That’s when her eldest said, “Mommy, let’s make teasicles!”

Laslo-Baker, CEO of the newly-launched company, quickly learned her kids weren’t the only ones with an appetite for their healthy and flavourful organic treats. Launching in 2013 with their first product, DeeBee’s TeaPops, in just two stores in Victoria, BC, DeeBee’s Organics now produces three organic frozen novelty lines and an organic, shelf-stable ‘freezie’.

The company was entirely self-funded by the family, but as it began its massive expansion, it needed working capital to produce advance inventory to fulfill orders.

How EDC helped

With plans to expand further into the United States, DeeBee’s Organics turned to EDC for their expertise. EDC began working with the company’s bank to find creative working capital solutions that could meet DeeBee’s Organics specific needs, and help the business grow internationally.

How EDC helped

“EDC and the team in Vancouver have provided us with invaluable advice,” says Laslo-Baker. “We have met so many people in the industry, and have relied on so much incredible counsel. That has been a huge driver for the business so far.”

The results

DeeBee’s Organics continues to see increasing interest in its products, and for Laslo-Baker, this is just the beginning. The products are now a staple in almost every major Canadian retailer, as well as many retailers in the United States. In 2023, DeeBee’s Organics products are in more than 20,000 retailers across North America, including Costco USA, Walmart and Loblaws. In 2020, the company also launched on Amazon and, to ensure customers could access DeeBee’s treats all year long. They’ve also expanded their product line-up to include four shelf-stable freeze-at-home options including Gelato Pops and Italian Ice.

The results

“DeeBee’s Organics is a great example of how EDC can support a business as they grow,” says EDC relationship manager, Christopher Theeparajah. “We’re really happy to be able to provide the support so they can go the distance.”

We have had a lot of interest already from foreign markets,” she says. “I’m looking forward to seeing our results and how we can start some global conversations about food.

EDC service used


Accessing More Money

In today’s competitive global market, companies with international customers need to have readily available export financing to fill orders, open a foreign office or even provide financing options to customers outside Canada. We offer a variety of solutions, including bank guarantees and loans so that you have the financing you need to grow.