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Entrepreneurs analyzing global financial data

Global Financial Markets

Guide September 15, 2021 Keep track of the international markets that matter to your business. Get the latest financial and macroeconomic information for both developed and emerging markets.

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How three companies used EDC’s solution to improve their FX strategy

Article September 10, 2021 Three case studies show how EDC’s FXG helps companies of all sizes manage currency risk.

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By the numbers: Foreign exchange (FX) hedging tools that will improve your bottom line

Guide August 19, 2021

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Managing business risk at home and abroad

Guide November 09, 2020 Identify and minimize the risks your company is facing.

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Currency exchange risk: How to handle the ups and downs during COVID-19

Blog April 24, 2020 Currency exchange fluctuation is an even bigger risk during COVID-19. Here’s how to make sure your company comes out on top.

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Building homes one relationship at a time

Article July 29, 2019 SK2 in Manitoba builds more than just custom homes. It builds lasting relationships.


The rising tide of service exports

Blog January 22, 2019 Many companies are already exporting services, an intangible good, without even knowing it.

Averna Solutions


Success Story This technology company attributes 85 per cent of its sales to exports, and EDC has been there to support and maintain its international growth.

currency exchange risk

Currency exchange risk: how to handle the ups and downs

Blog August 13, 2018 Think there’s nothing you can do about currency exchange risk? Discover why ignoring it can carry a hidden cost for your company – and how you can manage the risk.

Planning and preparing for business risk can help your business avoid potential damages and make it more flexible, competitive and successful.

Managing risk: A guide for exporters

Guide Learn how to mitigate your business risk.

Marine plant company Acadian Seaplants Limited

Acadian Seaplants Limited

Success Story This marine plant company is finding opportunities across the sea with a Foreign Exchange Facility Guarantee.

Banking tips insights RBC

RBC gives banking tips for small businesses

Article May 23, 2017 If you want to go beyond Canada's borders, there are experts to help. RBC's Jason Storsley has advice for small businesses considering global expansion.

Export Insights Eddyfi

Quebec's Eddyfi picks the right targets for export success.

Article March 17, 2017 Eddyfi's President and CEO explains how relationships and partnerships are important, but an international mindset and discovering new cultures is too.

Export EDC Feature

Export numbers show positive signs for Canadian companies in 2017

Blog January 27, 2017 In November 2016, Canada recorded its first trade surplus since 2014. Now, three reports show 2017 is shaping up to be a good year for Canadian exporters.

 Foreign Exchange Risk

Managing your foreign exchange risk

Article August 29, 2016 Most exporters agree that fluctuating exchange rates can undermine profits and cash, but FX expert Normand Faubert explains how to manage the risk.

Dealing with Country Risk

Dealing with country risk

Guide The OECD ranks some countries as riskier than others, but this practical guide shows you what makes up country risk, how to assess it, and how to manage it.

Building a Foreign Exchange Policy

Building a foreign exchange policy

Guide Learn how you can manage currency fluctuations with a basic FX policy, and protect your profit margin, cash flow and competitiveness.