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Accelerating Canada’s future trade competitiveness

For Canada to regain its standing in international trade, we need to maintain our current trade performance and catalyze net new growth. And we must ensure that the growth is sustainable and contributes to long-term prosperity.


Pathways to sustainable growth

Our 2030 strategy aims to increase the success of our customers, our ability to meaningfully enhance Canada’s trade competitiveness, and our contribution toward a more equitable and sustainable economy. 

In developing EDC’s 2030 strategy, we evaluated the emerging sectors and high-growth markets with the strongest economic potential for Canadian businesses over the long term, in line with values that put ESG at the core of everything we do. We believe that sharpening our focus on these sectors and markets will increase our ability to reinforce and accelerate Canada’s future trade competitiveness.

Learn more about our 2030 strategy.

Key sectors


Cleantech Export Week

EDC hosts Cleantech Export Week, an annual conference that brings together clean technology experts, entrepreneurs and ecosystem partners from across Canada to share insights, report on industry trends, and discuss future opportunities in this rapidly evolving sector.


Policies & reports

Explore our policies, reports and other reference materials related to priority sectors and markets at EDC.

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ESG   |   Environment   |   Net zero   | 
 Operational footprint   |   Priority sectors