Engaging our stakeholders is an opportunity to ensure that our policies align with their expectations, consider a broad range of perspectives and reflect industry best practice.


Updated policies–2022 stakeholder input

Feedback received from the consultations during the 2022 review will be shared below in PDF format. In cases where feedback is received verbally, we’ll transcribe highlights.

For further transparency, EDC will make public a response paper outlining key themes by policy. 

For questions about posted feedback, contact ESRMPolicyReview@edc.ca.

Policy review

EDC solicits our stakeholders, including our shareholder, customers, Board of Directors, ESG Advisory Council, civil society organizations, industry and trade associations, financial sector peers, members of the public for constructive feedback on environmental and social risk management practices.

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Policies & reports

Explore policies, reports and other reference materials related to environmental, social and governance practices at EDC.

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