The Advisory Council was established in 2001 to provide strategic advice to our executive on evolving best-in-class ESG practices. 


Helping us do business, better

As Canada’s export credit agency, we understand that strong governance, including accountability, oversight and transparency, is integral to our business. Our ESG Advisory Council, composed of prominent experts across a variety of fields, is an important part of our good governance. It serves as a sounding board and as a challenge function to ensure we are considering a wide range of stakeholder perspectives on ESG-related topics material to EDC.


ESG Advisory Council



ESG Advisory Council Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference outline the purpose, scope and structure of the ESG Advisory Council meetings as agreed to by its members.


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Policies & reports

Explore policies, reports and other reference materials related to environmental, social and governance practices at EDC.

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Date modified: 2024-02-21