At EDC, ensuring that we continue to serve our customers and other stakeholders in a responsible way includes implementing regular reviews and updates to the policies that govern our environmental and social risk management practices.


EDC’s Environmental and Social Risk Management policies

With a mandate to help Canadian companies do business in markets around the world, it’s critical that we have strong policies in place to help guide us in environmental, social and corporate governance, including in areas such as human rights and climate change. 

The Environmental and Social Risk Management (ESRM) Policy Framework sets out EDC’s commitments and approaches to environmental and social risks when considering customer relationships and transactions. It also allows us to strive for high standards of risk mitigation, including monitoring projects we support.

The framework was last updated in 2022 and includes the following policies:

  1. Environmental and Social Risk Management Policy
  2. Environmental and Social Review Directive
  3. Climate Change Policy (including Thermal Coal Position)
  4. Human Rights Policy
  5. Transparency and Disclosure Policy


Providing feedback

EDC solicits input from our stakeholders, who include, but aren’t limited to, our customers, the Government of Canada, civil society organizations, Canadian industry and trade associations, financial sector peers, members of the Canadian public, and our ESG Advisory Council for constructive feedback on these policies. The periodic review of our policies is an opportunity to ensure they align with stakeholder expectations, consider a broad range of perspectives, and reflect industry best practice.

For more on past reviews please see our policy review feedback page.

We welcome feedback, and EDC has many channels through which our stakeholders can engage with us. They include: 

If you wish to speak with EDC directly about past reviews, all comments or inquiries can be emailed to

Next review

The next review of the Environmental and Social Risk Management (ESRM) Policy Framework is scheduled for 2025.




Policies & reports

Explore policies, reports and other reference materials related to environmental, social and governance practices at EDC.

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Date modified: 2023-03-20