The number of small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) led by women is on the rise. But as of today, only 11% of Canadian SMEs doing business internationally are owned by women. 

If you’re a woman entrepreneur interested in exploring the potential of new markets, you’re likely aware of the obstacles in your path. With the right contacts and advisors, you can overcome many of those challenges, accelerate your global expansion and position yourself for sustainable success.

In our new webinar, Building your network: Strategies for women entrepreneurs, we'll explain how you can build a strong, reliable network of strategic partners that will support your business as you expand into international markets. We’ll also explore the social media best practices you can leverage to grow your network online.  

Watch the webinar on demand to learn about:

  • The people essential to your network
  • The value of strategic partnerships and what to look for in potential partners
  • The types of partnerships you need to support and grow your business internationally
  • The key techniques you can use to leverage social media to your advantage
  • How one entrepreneur used social media to grow their network exponentially and reach new audiences and prospects

Our panel