The European market is open for business. Are you ready?

The EU has long been a lucrative market for Canadian exporters. After the 2017 signing of CETA, it became even more so.

CETA eliminates 98% of tariffs on all non-agricultural Canadian goods entering the EU, rising to 99% over seven years, creating enormous opportunities for Canadian companies. The time to get onboard is now.

Our webinar, CETA: Your Introduction to 500 Million EU Consumers, will explain how CETA can help your company make a push into the EU. Watch on demand and get first-hand insight from export insiders and people who’ve successfully expanded overseas. Plus, ask your own specific questions during an interactive Q&A session.

Watch our webinar and learn:

  • Effective strategies for entering EU markets
  • How other companies like yours have found success in the EU
  • How CETA is streamlining EU opportunities for Canadian companies
  • The ins and outs of tariff provisions: rules of origin, government procurement, etc.
  • How to take advantage of lucrative opportunities in four key sectors: aerospace, seafood, agri-food and automotive

Watch on demand to learn how CETA is making it easier than ever to do business in the EU.

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