Keep your business safe from the costs of bribery and corruption

Did you know that you could be held legally accountable for the actions of the third-party agents you hire to help you export? While you would normally have to pay to vet these agents, we’ll show you how to do it for free in our upcoming webinar.

Join EDC’s Justin Taylor and team of anti-bribery & corruption experts on as they discuss the risks associated with exposure to corrupt business practices. Our experts will share their insights, knowledge and resources on how to vet third-party agents and understand the rules and regulations of your chosen market.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn about topics such as:

  • Corruption and its financial impact on your business
  • The laws that regulate financial crimes in different countries
  • How to do background checks on agents you’re considering

Watch on demand to learn how to minimize your exposure to potentially corrupt business practices when exporting.

Our panel