Digital transformation is dramatically expanding the frontiers of Canadian trade while increasing efficiencies and reducing costs. Yet, we estimate that fewer than one-in-three small- to medium-sized Canadian companies are changing the way they do business to take advantage of the digital revolution.

Why? Many companies are running into obstacles that are keeping them from going digital. That’s where a smart plan can make all the difference. I

In our new webinar, Digital transformation: Your key to export success, our panel of experts will discuss the biggest digitization challenges facing Canadian exporters, and how to overcome them to succeed in the rapidly evolving global economy.

Join us live Thursday, April 28, 2022 from 1 to 2 p.m. ET to learn:

  • How the COVID-19 pandemic changed the use of digital technology
  • What are the most important tech solutions you should adopt to improve your business
  • Which digital technologies give you the greatest competitive edge globally
  • How a Canadian company used digital technology to boost their sales, profits and exports.

Our Panel