You’ve worked hard to create unique products and services that offer your customers real value. Now you want to take your ideas to a foreign market, and maybe ultimately to the world stage.

The question is, how can you ensure your company’s ideas, designs and inventions are protected when intellectual property theft is an ever-present threat?

In our upcoming webinar, IP strategies: Protecting your intellectual property abroad, our trade experts will reveal the strategies you can use to safeguard yourself and your business ideas in the global marketplace.

Watch to learn:

  • The importance of Intellectual Property (IP) and how it can protect your company’s value 
  • The different types of IP and how they can all be protected in Canada and abroad
  • How to take stock of your current IP assets 
  • What an IP strategy is, and how you can develop one for your company
  • How one Canadian exporter developed an effective IP strategy to protect their assets against intellectual piracy

Our panel