Small business, big market: How to make a U.S. expansion plan.

For most small businesses in Canada, the United States is a key export destination. This should come as no surprise, given that over 70% of our country’s total exports head south of the border each year.

Despite this continuous flow of goods and services, the process is often far from streamlined. For small businesses especially, everything from U.S. customs regulations to intellectual property issues can be daunting. And for those unfamiliar with the nuances and complexities of U.S. regulations, the red tape can feel overwhelming.

Our upcoming webinar, Growing South: How Small Businesses Can Sell to the U.S., will let you in on some proven strategies for overcoming these challenges and gaining a foothold with our largest trading partner next door.

We’ll also have experts on-hand to explain the new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), and how it differs from NAFTA. This is your chance to find out what the agreement means for Canadian sectors and businesses, where the new opportunities and challenges lie, and how your business can grow in the U.S. and Mexican markets going forward.

Register now for our webinar on October 18 and learn:

  • How the new USMCA might impact your export sales, and tips to get ahead
  • How the U.S functions as a mosaic of unique regional markets
  • Which markets you should target
  • How to export your services and overcome immigration issues
  • How to use the United States as a jumping-off point for even more markets
  • How to find U.S. partners through EDC and the Council of the Great Lakes Region

Join us for first-hand insight from trade experts, small business owners who’ve found international success, and a chance to ask specific questions during an interactive Q+A session.

Book your spot to learn how to maximize your export sales south of the border.

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