With continual shifts in the world economy, stability is no longer the norm in international business.

That’s why, every six months, EDC surveys roughly 1,000 Canadian exporters to gauge how they feel about the state of global trade.

The Trade Confidence Index (TCI) takes a pulse check of exporter confidence, their expectations for the coming half year, and how global events might affect their business strategies. 

The insights we gather are instrumental in helping Canadian companies like yours assess their own plans, and we’d like to share them with you. Watch our free trade talk, Pulse Check: Trade Confidence Index Webinar, an expert-led exploration of the results and insights from our mid-year TCI survey. 

You’ll hear:

  • A brief history on the importance of the TCI survey
  • Key findings and insights from our most recent edition 
  • How Canadian exporters can thrive in a protectionist world
  • How Canada’s free trade agreements and diversification can help you gain a competitive edge in global markets

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