The worldwide spread of COVID-19 has taken a significant and still-evolving toll on the U.S. economy. As the U.S. is our closest neighbour and trading partner, what happens there is certain to affect Canadian companies

In our webinar, presented in English only, COVID-19: United States export forecast, EDC's chief economist, Peter Hall, explains the ways in which COVID-19 is affecting Canadian and U.S. markets, the economic outlook for both countries, and the types of support available to Canadian businesses right now. 

Watch to learn:

  • How COVID-19 is affecting the Canadian and U.S. markets and sectors
  • The economic outlook for the Canadian and U.S. markets, including interest and exchange rates, commodity prices and oil prices 
  • What U.S. support is available for American buyers of Canadian exports
  • How EDC’s Chicago and Atlanta offices are helping Canadian companies through the pandemic 
  • EDC products and services that are available to support Canadian exporters

Our panel