Women-owned businesses contribute over $117 billion annually to our economy, but account for only 11% of Canada’s export output for small- and medium-sized companies. Clearly there’s room for growth, and a new EDC webinar aims to help.

Watch our webinar, Women take business beyond borders, for an in-depth look at all the resources and programs available to help women-led businesses break into global markets. You’ll also learn from women business leaders as they relate how they have overcome challenges to succeed in the global market. 

You’ll also discover:

  • How business women like you have found export success;
  • How EDC supports companies owned or led by women;
  • How the Business Women in International Trade (BWIT) program can prepare you for international trade missions;
  • How supplier diversity programs work and how to get certified; and
  • The importance of business women to Canadian international trade.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to achieve success on the global stage!

Our panel