ESRM Policy Review

Corporate sustainability and responsibility

Updated Policies

As part of the Environmental and Social Risk Management Policy Review, EDC’s Board of Directors approved two new stand-alone policies: the Climate Change Policy and the Human Rights Policy, as well as the updated Environmental and Social Review Directive, the Environmental and Social Risk Management Policy, and the Transparency and Disclosure Policy.

Response Papers, which summarize stakeholder feedback and EDC’s response, are available here:

​​Review of EDC’s Environmental and Social Risk Management policies

At EDC, ensuring that we continue to serve our customers and other stakeholders in a responsible way includes implementing regular reviews and updates to the policies that govern our Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (CSR) practices. 

In 2018, EDC invited stakeholders from across the Canadian trade and business ecosystems to offer input and constructive feedback on the following Environmental and Social Risk Management policies as part of the CSR framework at EDC. These policies included: 

  1. Environmental and Social Risk Management (ESRM) Policy (2010)
  2. Environmental and Social Review Directive (ERD) (2010)
  3. Human Rights Statement (2008)
  4. Disclosure Policy (2010)

To assist stakeholders, a discussion paper was prepared to inform understanding of some of the key issues, questions and proposals being considered by EDC during this review.

Providing feedback

Submissions were accepted through the EDC website from May 14 to Sept. 7, 2018. Any further submissions or questions can be directed to 

EDC also consulted with representatives from the Government of Canada as well as our CSR Advisory Council, a group of prominent experts who advise on and guide EDC’s CSR practices. To foster transparency, submissions received from stakeholders are posted here.

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