ESRM Policy Review

ESG - Environmental, social and governance

Review of EDC’s Environmental and Social Risk Management policies

At EDC, ensuring that we continue to serve our customers and other stakeholders in a responsible way includes implementing regular reviews and updates to the policies that govern our environmental and social risk management practices.

The Environmental and Social Risk Management (ESRM) Policy Framework sets out EDC’s commitments to environmental and social risk management so that environmental and social risks are considered in our transaction decision-making. It also allows us to strive for high standards of mitigation including monitoring of projects that are supported.

The framework includes the following policies:

  1. Environmental and Social Risk Management Policy
  2. Environmental and Social Review Directive
  3. Climate Change Policy (incl. Thermal Coal Position)
  4. Human Rights Policy
  5. Transparency and Disclosure Policy

Updated Policies – 2022 Stakeholder Input and Feedback

EDC is soliciting input from our stakeholders, who include but are not limited to, our customers, civil society organizations, Canadian industry associations, financial sector peers, and members of the Canadian public to offer constructive feedback on these policies. EDC will also engage representatives from the Government of Canada and our ESG Advisory Council. The periodic review of our policies presents an opportunity to ensure that our policies align with stakeholder expectations and reflect a broad range of perspectives, experiences, and innovative ideas.

To assist stakeholders, we have created a discussion paper to inform understanding of some of the key issues, questions, and proposals being considered by EDC during this review.

Review of Environmental and Social Risk Management Policies – Discussion Paper

Providing feedback

Submissions are welcomed by emailing your input to during a 96-day comment period from January 24, 2022 - April 29, 2022. Relevant materials have been made available on our website, which include the current version of the policies, the policy discussion guide and FAQs

In line with our organization-wide commitment to transparency, stakeholder submissions will be posted to our policy feedback page. When the updated policies are released, EDC will publish a Public Response Paper to summarize the main areas of feedback with a high-level description of how EDC has considered the feedback in the policy review outcomes. 

If you have a question that is not addressed in the FAQs below, please email