This July 1 marks Canada’s 152nd birthday and the unofficial start of summer—school’s out, vacations are booked and it’s time to head to the beach. 

But before you go, we’re warming things up by highlighting some top “summer” exports our beautiful country has to offer the world. 

The “True North” may not be the typical destination when searching for a sand, surf and sun holiday, but we hearty Canadians say, “Think again!” Not only does Canada boast more than 200,000 kilometers of coastline, but in 2018, we exported  $25 million worth of sand internationally—that’s more than enough to build a few sandcastles. And let’s not forget the $29 million in water exports to our top markets, including the United States, China, Taiwan, Japan and France. Canada is practically sharing beach paradises all over the globe. 

For those of you who see “surf” as a verb, rather than a noun, you might want to check out these great exporters: 

  • Vancouver Island’s Ocean Rodeo, which was founded by two champion windsurfers, Richard Myerscough and Ross Harrington. These professional beach bums export dry suits and kiteboarding equipment across the globe. Ideal for adventure-seekers, kiteboarding is an intense sport that combines surfing with flying.
  • Crazy Foil elevates the sport of surfing—literally—by lifting boards and their riders above the water. Think of it as part flying, part wakeboarding or sailing.

Of course, some of Canada’s best-known surf comes from our seafood industries. Almost $7 billion in fish and seafood was exported in 2017. Lobster, salmon and crab topped the list of bestsellers. Back home in our native land, who doesn’t enjoy fresh fish on the barbecue—ideally with a frosty Canadian beer—on a long weekend in July?

While Canada doesn’t export sunshine, we do have exceptional solar companies working in the cleantech field. Green Power Labs, based in Dartmouth, NS, specializes in green and renewable energy, using analytics to manage building energy consumption and optimize energy efficiency. Guelph’s Canadian Solar is one of the world’s largest solar companies. Founded in 2001, it has a huge global footprint, exporting to markets across the globe.

We also have great Canadian companies to help you look sharp while enjoying the sand, surf and sun. Consider men’s swim trunks from Toronto’s Bathers and SegSea in Montreal or designer bikinis from Laval’s Shan. Of course, remember to play it safe by keeping your eyes protected from the harmful UV rays with sunglasses from Bonlook

No matter where you’re enjoying summer in the world, make sure to bring some Canadiana with you.