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pop up shops

Pop-up shops: How a short-term venture can lead to long-term success

Blog October 19, 2018 Bryan Sirois, EDC’s sector advisor for retail merchandise, explores why pop-up shops can be effective year round.

Usmca de minimis

Do your duty: Higher de minimis requires more creative sales plans

Blog October 17, 2018 The proposed USMCA will give exporters access to over 400 million customers in the U.S. and Mexico.

time to celebrate small business

“I have a soft spot for small businesses”: How Canada is gearing up to celebrate

Blog October 17, 2018 Spread out across all sectors and regions, small businesses make up 98 per cent of all companies operating in Canada.

managing political risk

Managing political risk as part of business growth strategy

Article October 16, 2018 Managing political risks is critical to your company can survive and thrive in new markets.

Innovation helps you compete globally

How developing innovative capabilities helps you compete globally

Article October 15, 2018 Continual innovation keeps you a step ahead of the global competition by responding quickly to customer needs.

agribusiness in the EU

Food for thought: bringing agribusiness to the EU

Blog October 12, 2018 The EU is Canada’s fourth largest export market, we only account for 2 % of their agri-food imports. That means there’s a huge opportunity for export growth.

marketing champions

5 ways your customers can be your best marketing champions

Blog September 14, 2018 Connie Jensen, EDC’s Content Marketing Manager, explores the power of customers in your marketing strategy.

what is ecolabel

Eco-labelling: why going green is good for business in the EU

Blog September 04, 2018 How the EU Ecolabel can educate and guide consumers to choose environmentally conscious products.

Building networks to boost business

Boost your international business by building a strategic network

Video August 28, 2018 A great network is essential to grow globally. Get expert advice on who you need in your network, and how to do it.

global manufacturing

5 tips to succeed in global manufacturing

Blog August 22, 2018 Tips from Charlottetown Metal Products for Canadian manufacturers looking to compete globally.