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Protect and grow your export revenue

Play it smart: 3 reasons to protect and grow your export revenue

Blog December 12, 2018 Accounts receivable insurance can be an important tool for helping your business succeed and grow when you begin exporting.

How to break into the Latin American market

Webinar – Hot spot: How to break into the Latin American market

Webinar Latin America offers a wealth of opportunity for Canadian exporters.

Canada Cleantech Advantage

Cleantech: A sector of unlimited promise

Blog December 05, 2018 In Canada, there are roughly 850 cleantech companies, 13 of which made the 2018 Global Cleantech 100 List.

Tourism service exports Canada

Bridging Canada and the world: A look at the growing tourism sector

Blog November 19, 2018 Tourism is Canada’s No. 1 service export with international revenues reaching $21.3-billion in 2017.

Green Power Labs

Green Power Labs Inc.

Success Story This company is now in talks with three multinationals it met through EDC for contracts worth millions.


Let it snow: Manitobah Mukluks warms the way to e-commerce success

Blog November 13, 2018 When it comes to growing your retail brand into an e-commerce success, there’s no magic formula. It takes hard work, an infinite amount of determination and a lot of research.


Best of both worlds: Combining the physical and digital retail experience

Blog November 12, 2018 Digital technologies continue to transform the e-commerce experience, and are beginning to impact bricks and mortar retail environments as well

Hortau 2018 cleantech export star

Hortau: Cleantech’s 2018 export star

Article November 06, 2018 EDC has been working with Hortau to help export smart irrigation systems since the company started looking at selling to the United States.

Farmer’s Edge 2018 Cleantech Export Star

Farmer’s Edge: Cleantech’s 2018 export star

Article November 06, 2018 Farmers Edge is one of a small clutch of companies at the leading edge of what some people are calling the second agricultural revolution

Cleantech windmills

Clean up with cleantech exports

Webinar November 06, 2018 The global cleantech industry is expected to grow to $2.5 trillion by 2022. The time for Canadian companies to seize these opportunities is now. Here’s how.