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Tropical coastline in Vietnam

Cultural tips for doing business in Southeast Asia

Report September 07, 2021 Read this Export Development Canada overview on etiquette style in this key market

Singapore waterfront with lotus-shaped ArtScience Museum

Cultural tips for doing business in Singapore

Report August 20, 2021 Read this Export Development Canada overview on etiquette style in this key market

Latin businesswoman in street with international flags overhead.

Cultural tips for doing business in Latin America

Guide April 12, 2021 Maximize your company’s success in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru

Colourful skirts twirl in a local marketplace.

How to boost sales by localizing your shopping cart for new markets

Blog September 30, 2020 Tips to make online customers feel right at home on your website, no matter what market they’re in.

Sunlight beams through Mexican church

Doing business in Mexico: 12 essential etiquette tips

Blog August 17, 2020 Doing business in Mexico: Learn a little Spanish, embrace the country and opt for face-to-face meetings.

Skyline of Manila City and Manila Bay, Philippines

Doing business in the Philippines: 11 essential etiquette tips

Blog January 21, 2020 Two-way merchandise trade between Canada and the Philippines was $1.98 billion in 2016. Read 11 etiquette tips for doing business in the Philippines.

Worli sea link, Mumbai

Doing business in India: 14 etiquette tips

Blog November 12, 2019 EDC’s regional manager in India shares his tips.

The Dubai skyline

Doing Business in the UAE: 11 etiquette tips

Blog October 08, 2019 The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is Canada’s largest export market in the Middle East and North Africa.

Setting up a business abroad

Setting up business in another country: 5 considerations

Article October 04, 2019 Canadian companies need to make some important decisions before setting up business in another country.

Bogota - Doing business in Colombia

Doing business in Colombia: 10 business etiquette tips

Blog September 25, 2019 Two EDC customers share their Colombian business etiquette tips.

Women laughing

On a mission for trade

Blog August 30, 2019 Two exporters discuss their experience at a LGBTQ2 trade mission to Florida

Man in airport watching plane take off

Exporting with Pride: Tips for travel safety

Article July 12, 2019 This is the last in our three-part series, exploring some of the challenges LBGTQ2+ exporters face and how they can mitigate risks when travelling on business. Today, we share tips for travel safety.

Connie Stacey is the founder of Growing Greener Innovations.

Exporting with Pride: Powered to grow

Article July 03, 2019 LGBTQ2+ exporter faces international challenges

Two women looking up at the sky

Exporting with Pride

Article June 24, 2019 First blog in a three-part series, on the challenges of exporting for LGBTQ2+.

International business etiquette

Doing business globally: Four national perspectives on business etiquette

Article May 14, 2019 For Canadian companies expanding internationally, it’s vital to brush up on the culture, customs and etiquette of doing business in their target markets.

cultural intelligence helps service exports

Developing cultural intelligence gives exporters the critical advantage

Blog February 26, 2019 Developing cultural intelligence—which is the ability to function effectively in different cultural contexts—will give you a critical advantage.


Sera4: Unlocking doors in Latin America

Blog January 04, 2019 In only four years, Sera4 has grown from a small two-person operation to a multimillion-dollar enterprise—all due to export sales.

building relationships in China

Getting to China: how customer relationships impact your ROI

Blog October 09, 2018 Business relationships in China and emerging markets require time, trust and a cultural IQ.

Business etiquette in UK

Royal wedding brief: 8 rules of business etiquette in the UK

Blog May 18, 2018 8 etiquette rules when conducting business in the United Kingdom.

Export insights SOTI

How Canadian company, SOTI, adapted to different markets worldwide

Article September 13, 2017 96% of SOTI’s revenues come from outside of Canada. Learn how SOTI grew to 700 employees in 22 countries by looking to new markets for export opportunities.

Export insights Les Grand Ballets

Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal on the international stage

Article August 10, 2017 Read how Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal has found success in exporting cultural products through their international tours.

Export Insights from RentMoola

Successfully exporting in the fintech industry: Insights from RentMoola

Article RentMoola co-founder discusses the differences between selling in Canada vs. the United States, the roadblocks they faced and how you can overcome them.

RentMoola EDC Feature

How RentMoola's fintech is making it easier to pay rent

Article Learn how RentMoola leveraged fintech to disrupt the banking industry by creating an online platform to pay rent with a debit or credit card.

Export Insights Glint Innovation

Glint Innovation's growth helped by support available for entrepreneurs

Article Glint Innovation's co-founder discusses how they, with the help from the Canadian government and MaRS Network, were able to successfully start their business.

Glint Innovation EDC Feature

Glint Innovation: Discovering customers by being open to new cultures

Article Founded by a small group of new Canadians, Glint Innovations has successfully exported their platform by being open to new cultures around the world.

Export Insights STEMCELL Technologies

Global long-term vision key to export success: STEMCELL Technologies

Article September 01, 2016 Vancouver's STEMCELLS Technologies exported from day one. Learn how their reputation with community researchers around the world helped validate their product.

STEMCELLS Technologies EDC Feature

Vancouver’s STEMCELL Technologies: An export story that spans 20 years

Article September 01, 2016 STEMCELLS Technologies needed certain tools to do research work in hemotology and oncology, and knew that other researchers around the world needed the same.