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A table loaded with food from many different cultures, and hands reaching in towards the food.

Cultural Diversity: Understanding International Business Etiquette

Webinar From languages to luncheons, navigating business culture on the global stage can be a challenge. Join the experts and learn how to close deals without crossing cultural boundaries.

International business etiquette

Doing business globally: Four national perspectives on business etiquette

Article May 14, 2019 For Canadian companies expanding internationally, it’s vital to brush up on the culture, customs and etiquette of doing business in their target markets.

cultural intelligence helps service exports

Developing cultural intelligence gives exporters the critical advantage

Blog February 26, 2019 Developing cultural intelligence—which is the ability to function effectively in different cultural contexts—will give you a critical advantage.


Sera4: Unlocking doors in Latin America

Blog January 04, 2019 In only four years, Sera4 has grown from a small two-person operation to a multimillion-dollar enterprise—all due to export sales.

building relationships in China

Getting to China: how customer relationships impact your ROI

Blog October 09, 2018 Business relationships in China and emerging markets require time, trust and a cultural IQ.

Business etiquette in UK

Royal wedding brief: 8 rules of business etiquette in the UK

Blog May 18, 2018 8 etiquette rules when conducting business in the United Kingdom.

Doing business in the philippines

Doing business in the Philippines: 11 essential etiquette tips

Blog September 14, 2017 Two-way merchandise trade between Canada and the Philippines was $1.98 billion in 2016. Read 11 etiquette tips for doing business in the Philippines.

Export insights SOTI

How Canadian company, SOTI, adapted to different markets worldwide

Article September 13, 2017 96% of SOTI’s revenues come from outside of Canada. Learn how SOTI grew to 700 employees in 22 countries by looking to new markets for export opportunities.

Doing business in Mexico

Doing business in Mexico: 12 essential etiquette tips

Blog August 15, 2017 Nathan Nelson, Chief Representative for EDC in Mexico, shares tips on doing business in the country.

Export insights Les Grand Ballets

Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal on the international stage

Article August 10, 2017 Read how Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal has found success in exporting cultural products through their international tours.