ESG - Environmental, social and governance

We are accountable to many stakeholders including the Government of Canada, customers, employees and the larger domestic and international community and we do our best to conduct business transparently, in order to maintain their trust and confidence.

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Disclosure of information

For information on our disclosure practices, please visit our Transparency and Disclosure page.

Stakeholder engagement

Export Development Canada holds regular consultations with the public and our stakeholders. To see information on our public engagement, please see our Annual Public Meeting information. To see more about our stakeholder engagement, please go to our Stakeholder engagement page.

Due diligence

At Export Development Canada we are committed to sustainable and responsible business practices. Any company that is seeking corporate financing will be assessed through a review process called “due diligence”. This process considers a number of different factors including environmental, social and business ethics related risks. EDC continues to evolve and improve our due diligence process based on new best practices and the developing risk management fields. We will update this process as our processes evolve.

The map below is a high-level overview and does not reflect the full details of analysis performed or the credit analysis process.

From Prospect to Customer – EDC's Due Diligence Path

We always welcome feedback from all stakeholders. If you have any questions about EDC’s due diligence, this process, or our business, contact