How to view your account balance

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To view your current account balance, follow these steps:

1. Log in to the Invoices and Statements portal. 

2. Once in the portal, select the policy number you wish to view from the Representing drop-down at the top of the homepage.

Your policy number will always begin with two letters (such as SE, SD, CE or CD). If you select the record that begins with numbers, no balance will display. If you have multiple policies, you will need to view each policy number to view your total balance.

3. Your current account balance will appear in the middle of the homepage. 

4. Under View Activity, click on Account Balance to view the charges that make up your current account balance. 

5. The details of your account balance are:

  • Balance (all monies owing)
  • Overdue balance (all monies owing that are past due)
  • Most recent invoice
  • Most recent payment
  • Aging information: a breakdown of all past due charges, categorized by days overdue

You may need to unblock pop-ups to enable the statement to open in a separate tab.

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Date modified: 2019-03-12